Architecture of New Amsterdam

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Dutch Houses

Architecture of New Amsterdam, Dutch HousesThe Dutch house, still to be seen in old towns about the Hudson, stood gable end to the street. The front wall was generally of brick or stone, while the rest of the house was wooden and instead of slanting to a point, like the tiled roof, the wall went up to a peak in steps like a pair of stairs. Scattered about on the front of the house were large iron figures which told the date of the building. Deep seated windows with small panes of glass looked upon the street and a dark night contained a lighted candle; while the lighting of New Amsterdam's streets was further secured by requiring every seventh householder to " hang out a lantern and candle on a pole' Within were broad halls, sanded floors , large rooms in front, where the good grow gave weekly vent to her passion for cleaning house and small rooms in the rear where the family lived. The furniture was ponderous, the articles of cooking were quaint and ungainly to modern eyes and the huge Dutch oven was the pride of the house.

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