New York Timeline 1497-1664

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1497-98   Probable voyage of the Cabots past Long Island coast

1524        Doubtful discovery of New York Bay by Verrazani.

1609        Hudson's discovery. Discovery of Lake Champlain.

1613        Building of trader's huts on Manhattan Island.

1614        Building of Fort Nassau on Castle Island. Block's discovery of the Connecticut.

1615        Champlain's second expedition into New York.

1621        The Dutch West India company chartered.

1623        Arrival of the first families in New Netherland.

1624        May Director.

1625        Verhulst director. Brooklyn settled.

1626        Minuet director-general. Manhattan Island bought from the Indians.

1629        Privileges granted to patroons.

1633        Van Twiller director-general. Fort Good Hope built on Connecticut.

1638        Kieft director-general. Arrival of the Swedes in Delaware.

1640        War with the Raritan Indians.

1641        Appointment of the twelve men as representatives.

1643        Murder of the Indians at Pavonia. General Indian our break.

1645        Peace made by the settlers and Iroqois with the river tribes.

1647        Stuyvesant director-general.

1653        An assembly of the villages called.

1655        Dutch conquest of New Sweden. Indian outbreak around Manhattan Island.

1661        Schenectady founded by Arendt Van Curler.

1664        Surrender to the English